Source code available here:

Note for 1.6 beta: I've decided not to continue working on the voice chat feature of Floe due to time constraints and the fact that there are a number of great voice chat apps out there already. I've removed the 1.6 beta version and uploaded a 1.6 maintenance release.

Project Description
Floe is an IRC client written in C#, using the .NET 4.0 framework with WPF technology. It is inspired largely by both XChat and mIRC, and one of its distinguishing features is the ability to choose which layout style to use (tabular like XChat or flow like mIRC).

One of the more popular features is native support for transparency. The opacity of the text background and surrounding UI can be adjusted separately.

Note: The .NET Framework v4.0 is required to run this app. It can be downloaded here: - and the framework now appears to be available via Windows Update as well.

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