Floe 1.5.9 (1.6 alpha)

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Released: Apr 14, 2011
Updated: Apr 22, 2011 by nedry
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Release Notes

(Update 4/15 11:50pm - fixed crashing bug that sometimes occurs when someone leaves a channel during voice chat)
(Update 4/21 5:54pm - added output gain slider, and a couple small buffer tweaks)

Floe gets voice chat!

This is the first alpha release of v1.6 of Floe, adding voice-chat-with-IRC support. Floe clients can connect to other Floe clients in a peer-to-peer fashion to exchange voice chat. No server is required other than the IRC server. (and sometimes a STUN server if you're behind NAT).

Initiating voice chat with fellow Floe users is simple. You merely need to be on the same channel. Everyone who wants to join the voice chat can use the context menu or Alt-V to bring up the voice panel and click "Start Voice Chat." Participating clients will find each other using existing IRC mechanisms, much like how DCC works. In the nick list, an icon will appear next to any voice chat participants, and its color will change to indicate who is currently talking.

You can only participate in one voice chat at a time. If you leave a channel (or are kicked or disconnected) you will drop out of the voice chat session. This allows the voice mechanism to use existing IRC security features, such as invite-only channels, bans, etc. Want to kick someone out of the voice chat? Just kick them from the channel! Want to have a private conversation with one or two other people? Join the same channel and set it +i.

Check out the Voice section of the settings dialog to get an idea of the current configuration options. You can either use a push-to-talk key or use auto-transmit above a certain noise level.

Why add voice chat to an IRC client? Well, my friends and I often play games and also sit in the same channel. It just seemed to make sense. No more running a dedicated Ventrilo or Mumble server.

As with all things alpha, this is a work in progress. One additional feature I plan to add is the ability to stream short sound effects and audio clips. You can, of course, mute people if someone becomes an annoyance playing their favorite MP3s.

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